2019 GVF September 2019 | San Francisco

welcoming industry & Data science leaders

Berkeley Welcome & Global Data Forum

Calistoga Retreat for CXOs

Chair: Internationalization, Data Science & AI

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Where ‘The business’ meets ‘the science’

7 years connecting industry leaders, pioneering data tech companies and the next generation of talent.


In 2013 Adyen, Shazam and 20 data-centric company founders many whose companies began outside the US met investors and industry leaders in Mountain View. The first GVF was less than 100 people and topics focused more on the challenges of going global than on technology. For most of the Bay Area delegates international was a bridge too far.

For the 7th year we invite a community industry leaders and data practitioners to join GVF — distributed this year across the week of activities — to meet, gain insights and find Pathways to cooperation. Thank you to our panelists, advisors and partners. Let’s grow the human connectors as the data grows anyway around us. Event will fill soon.


connecting Us-Europe-Asia GROWTH Pathways


Showcases pioneering CXOs Changing the World through AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, IoT, Data Science and other data domains.

Experts like VP Digital Kohl’s, Head of AI FICO, Principal Data Scientist Autodesk, EIR AI UCSF Medical Center, CEO of MindTitan (AI for Operations), CEO of Eaglys (Encrypted Data Sharing), CXO of Synerise (AI Marketing Cloud) and many more (see agenda).

GVF format uses roundtables, panels, small group sessions, online expert sessions, meetups thru the year to maximize interaction between people.

Pioneering data scaleups, industry leaders & practitioners from around the world.

  • Data Tech CXOs & Founders from Europe, the US and Asia in the 250k to 50m ARR

  • Industry Leaders: Digital VPs, Heads of Data Science, Data Engineering, Business Executives supporting data initiatives, Strategy Execs, Digital Marketing, CVC & Investors, Ecosystem Leaders

  • Specialized Community: Past AI Service Leaders. Data Integrators & lots of Berkeley alumni in leadership roles around data.



GVF is selective

World Expert Attendees - Expansion Veterans - Connecting Business with the Data World


Unlike other gatherings, we believe that bigger is not better. We keep the focus on quality, people-to-people relationships and global reach. Mixing super advanced technology and amazing people from companies that know advanced AI, machine learning, security, blockchain, IoT and data science from a practitioner and business point of view.

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Best-and-Brightest in Small Groups

Small group sessions combine CEOs of regional and international champions, Senior Execs from Industry, Investors in AI and data technology. Re-discover paths to monetization and digital transformation thru a lens mixing US and international data companies from US, Europe & Asia.

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Industry Leaders Give-and-Take

Share insights industry leaders from corporate and emerging tech in Digital and Data Science in panels or roundtables to unlock value of the data for the business. Find pathways to cooperation between industry leaders, data tech growth companies and next generation talent.

Networking in Wine Country - Calistoga Retreat

Fourth year of renting a house in wine country, where dinner, workshops and networking are done in a relaxed setting. ‘We are the Tech We Seek’ session and a visit to wineries and an evening out.

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2019 domains

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2019 Pathway PARTNERS

What partners say

The network built over years, market expertise and agile approach means you skip to the point.
— CEO Q-go. Amsterdam NLP deployed by United Airlines and First Republic Bank in 2014
My life is about the global community. About startups. About investors. And that is who was here.
— Director Software Strategy, IBM Ventures. IBM was Blockchain Pathway Partner in 2018
Former 2018 Pathway Partner

Faces seen at past gvf Gatherings

Izabela Albrycht.png

Izabela Albrycht

Chairperson, The Kosciuszko Institute & CYBERSEC HUB, GVF 2015

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Tim cook

CEO, Apple, Startup Fest Europe 2016

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Co-Founder, Shazam, GVF 2013

Jamie McGurk.png

Jamie mcgurk

Operating Partner, Andreessen Horwitz, GVF 2014


Prince constantijn

Of the Netherlands, Chairman, Startup Fest Europe 2016