- Connecting business, data & growth science.

Digital Transformation using Growth Science

we put next-generation tools and blueprints in the hands of leaders driving exponential And Transformational growth.

  • Internal Innovation Studio. Engage strategic market segments, access data science blueprints and co-create scalable solutions through relevant networks.

  • External Innovation Studio. Clarify use cases, codify SaaS architecture & co-create with leading startups and growth science technology to deliver smarter growth.

  • People Development. Activate Global Venture Exchange (GVX) community, education (events, tours and masterclasses) and market strategies to develop international teams, enable talent, accelerate brand/market positioning and deliver growth or transformation. Empower your people and drive growth and culture change in your organization.


GV Transform helps Global 2000 co-create, making smart growth more accessible.


External Innovation Studio

Why should your company do external co-creation?

  • Access vetted partners and startups with a Growth Science approach that enable smarter and more sustainable growth

  • Leverage blueprints, networks and tools by co-creating with best in class players from a US-Europe community active since 2013 and with UC Berkeley history

  • Track record of at scale cooperation between startups and Disney, Essity, Fidelity, Bank of America, United Airlines, Cisco & others that generated tens of millions in mutual value

  • Be involved with Europe and US Data Center of Excellence for Growth Science, Data Excellence and Digital Transformation. Our data center of excellence and fund steering group search for founding partners in the US and Europe now.

Example showcase startups:

2015 Top 20 - Mobile

2015 Top 20 - Mobile

2018 Top 20 - AI Marketing

2018 Top 20 - AI Marketing

2014 Top 20 - Blockchain

2014 Top 20 - Blockchain

2013 Top 20 - Fintech

2013 Top 20 - Fintech

2013 Top 20 - Entertainment

2013 Top 20 - Entertainment

Ecosystem Partnerships

  • Growth Science Focus. Access leading Growth Science companies, blueprints and technologies from US and Europe in cloud, SaaS, AI and data driven domains

  • Transformation of Corporates and People. Connect in a deeper way through a US-Europe community of corporates, startups and investors at the Individual, Company, City, State or National level

  • Shared Centers of Excellence. Support knowledge sharing across industries, geographies and between veterans and young professionals by offering leadership training, access to new market insights and Growth Science communities that will benefit the company and help develop talent

Internal Innovation Studio

Why should your company do internal co-creation?

  • Clarity around SaaS growth architectures and operations

  • Meet veterans who’ve done it and AI CXOs navigating industry in the US & Europe

  • Meet investors and other Digital Transformation leaders leading data innovation at their enterprise

  • Functional and product leverage of data science

  • Access data science development and young professionals from Europe and US

GV TRANSFORM: Growth Science Excellence

We bring design thinking to an ecosystem of senior Digital leaders, Growth 2.0 champions and experts on the forefront of AI, blockchain, IoT, Data Science and other data domains active in the US, Europe and Asia. Growth Science Architecture can be developed around use cases and existing blueprints, using labs for specific tech areas and training (employee, student, community). For more than seven years we have been connecting the best and brightest active in data innovation from US, Europe and Asia and build upon that.

Our data center of excellence and fund steering group search for founding partners in the US and Europe now.

Areas of interest

  • Cloud, SaaS

  • Artificial Intelligence: Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, Operations, HR, Finance, Manufacturing and Solutions (B2B, B2B2C)

  • Security, Data Science, Orchestration, Sharing, Privacy, Voice, Image, Text

  • Connected Industry: Smart City, Robotics, Edge Computing, Mobility

  • Blockchain: Platforms & Vertical Solutions


past Tech advisors

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